Monday, November 18, 2013

Prepping for the Little Craft Show - Booth Display

Pheasant Press will be at the Little Craft Show on December 7th in Fayetteville!

We have been working like crazy to build a fun booth space. I spent last weekend painting several old wooden boxes and a super cool lineberry cart that will be part of our display.

vintage linebarry cart display

Step # 1- clean everything and let it dry.
Lucky for me I have access to my family's 55 year old industrial plant, so I was able to find plenty of fun boxes and crates to use for my display.

Step # 2- Gather your supplies. I used several cans of the Minwax clear lacquer and some cheap-o paint brushes. I found that it was much easier to dump the paint into a small plastic tub than to try and get it out of the can. Don't forget the diet cherry Dr. Pepper! 

Step #3- Paint your boxes. I love using old boxes as display pieces, but no matter how hard you scrub them they will always feel dirty. My solution is to give them several coats of clear lacquer. This makes them feel clean and prevents things like splinters or getting your art dirty. 

Step #4- Wait patiently for the boxes to dry, then give them another coat. These old boxes really absorb the paint so it took several coats to make them feel clean. I love how the lacquer brings out the wood grain.

I would advise painting your display pieces several weeks before your show. It took almost two weeks for the smell of the paint fumes to go away. 

Next up: Building the backdrop

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